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Transportation & Mobility

Innovation and data will drive the future of mobility

Seize the Space in Transportation & Mobility

Transportation product and service businesses are being disrupted by digital platforms that move people from point A to B in new ways. Car ownership is giving way to on-demand urban transportation services, and transportation services continue to feel the effects of online price aggregators. Enterprises must embrace these changes and adapt to meet consumer needs to survive and thrive. 

Top of Mind
How do automobile manufacturers remain competitive in today’s complex business landscape?
“By protecting the core business and making it more efficient while at the same time investing in new business efforts such as connectivity, e-mobility and autonomous driving.”
Wolf Ingomar Faecks
Wolf Ingomar Faecks
Transportation & Mobility Lead
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Our Better How

Mobility Evolution

Lifestyle trends are evolving and favoring mobility as a service. With these trends in mind, we work with our clients to rethink and prototype products, services, routes-to-market and business models to generate sustainable value. 

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Retail Market Distribution

Customers want to seamlessly interact across all channels, offerings and vendors. We help our clients develop an integrated experience across sales, banking, insurance and after service, creating a unified OEM and dealer network to drive efficiency and value. 

Connected Transportation Experience

Shared, connected and autonomous transportation is becoming an integral part of daily life. We draw on our problem solving and engineering expertise to help clients build and scale interactive products both in-car and in the wider digital space.  

Intelligent Connections

Brands sit on enormous amounts of data. The right approaches and technologies can turn that data into opportunities. We bring customer experience and engineering capabilities together with machine learning and artificial intelligence expertise to turn data into business results.

OEM Modernization

Innovation at the speed of the customer requires a new level of business and cultural agility. We bring proven ability in operational agility and speed to help our clients achieve progressive business models at a global scale.

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Alyssa Altman
North America
Alyssa Altman
Transportation & Mobility Lead
Wolf Ingomar Faecks
Wolf Ingomar Faecks
Transportation & Mobility Lead